Project List —  Larinier Super Active

                       Bottom Baffle Fish Pass

aerial site image

1) Aerial view of Hadfields Weir on the River Don, Sheffield.  2 Options were presented for the position of the fish pass.  Discussions with the  project team, political and financial concerns resulted in Option B progressing to the design stage

Site Plan 1site plan 2

4) Some pictures taken during construction of the fish pass at Hadfields Weir (reproduced with kind permission from Karen Enyon and the Don Catchment Rivers Trust)

2) Design drawing produced following exhaustive flow modelling to ensure that the finished fish pass would work as designed over the Q95 to Q10 range of exceedance flows whilst posing no increased risk of flooding.

3) Design drawing produced to show how an elver pass can be incorporated into the design process.  The final elver pass design was more similar to that shown in picture 2 above, however the levels and dimensions remained unchanged once the calculations had been performed.

Larinier construction

A Video of the entire construction process can be viewed online ,here