Project List —  Vertical Bristle Elver Pass


survey pic

1) Matt surveying one of the sediment trap obstructions on the river Ashburn in Devon.  The project brief was to give elvers access to habitat upstream of the sediment traps.

site planelver pass 1

2) Design drawing produced showing the proposed vertical bristle board elver pass in situ.  Projected water levels are also shown over the Q95 to Q10 range of exceedance flows.

3) Pictures of the finished installation—the boards are cut and welded on site allowing an exact fit to be achieved.  This is a very cost effective method for allow elvers access beyond an obstruction - no pump or electrical supply is required because there is no need to actively irrigate the pass.  A further advantage of this type of vertically mounted installation is that the pass will operate effectively over a wide range of flow conditions and upstream water levels providing an air/water interface over a wide range of water levels.

headerelver pass 3